The vision and the passion to obtain and provide art, and it started in 2007. Philogene's Quality Art currently have in stock the following brand names: Francisco de Goya, Henri Matisse, Luce Turnier, Howard Behrens, Chaim Gross original, Marcel Mouly, Tarkay, Peter Max, Linda Lekinff, Joseph Stella, Salvador Dali, Leroy Neiman, Hiroshi Yoshida with Jizuri seal, Alexander Calder, George Grosz, Yaacov Agam, Assadour, Louis Icart, Wilfred Jenkins, Morris Gerberg, Erte, reverse glass painting, several Haitian artworks, and etc. Philogenes Quality Art has a gallery on Artcyclopedia, http://www.artcyclopedia.com/gallery/grosz_george.html. For more artworks, Philogenes Quality Art currently has a fairly large inventory on Go Antiques. To browse to it, from the Go Antiques website type George Grosz in search. It will provide the dealer's information. Click on Philogenes Quality Art, and it will take you to inventory or use the link provided: http://www.goantiques.com/members/philogenesqualityart.

Payments are accepted through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/ or send email to cp245@juno.com, or call 240-678-0659.

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